Computer security and technical assistance for the home and small business user.

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We use Business Grade Anti-Malware Software that also includes anti-virus and anti-ransom so your system can run as efficiently as possible while keeping the highest level of Security. Its behavioral monitoring capability helps protect you against the biggest threat out there today, Ransom-ware. It also protects you against, Trojans, worms, bots, backdoors, phishing sites, and potentially unwanted programs. This Anti-Malware software is monitored by a technician. If an issue occurs we will automatically be notified and will correct the issue for you.

It is as simple as dropping the items you want to be backed up into a designated folder. By default, the backup runs every night or if you want to run it at a different time or if you only want it to run once a week, we can customize it to fit your needs. When the backup is run, your data is replicated in two SSAE 16 Type 2 Certified Tier III data centers located on opposite ends of the United States.  One is in Boston, Massachusetts and the other is in Los Angeles, California.

We make sure your system is as secure as it can be on the internet. We make sure that all windows security updates are installed on your computer, your firewall is running and configured correctly, and that your anti-virus is running and up-to-date.

If there is ever a time where we cannot fix your computer remotely or if you want to upgrade it, you can either bring your computer to us or ship it to us and we can get it back to you as fast as possible. This service allows you to be next in line for repair every time.

Have you ever wanted to know how to do something on your computer but do not know anybody to teach you? Every month Quality Care Suite includes 15 minutes of remote support with a live technician that can train you on how to use your computer or if you need help with something. Imagine the convenience of not having to unplug your computer, yet have a professional take a look at your system and answer questions!

We proactively perform daily and weekly maintenance to head off problems before you even know they are there.  Our software will run scripts on your computer that will automatically perform disk defrag, disk cleanup, virus scans, clean up temporary files, install windows updates and third-party plugin updates, run diagnostics on hardware and software, etc. If a problem is found, we are automatically alerted with details of the problem and try to fix to the problem. If the problem can’t be fixed remotely, then we will give you options on how to correct the problem.

If your system is lost or stolen we can tell the police its location the last time it checked in with us. Every time your computer is connected to the internet, our software checks in to our server with updated IP address information. We can use this information to provide the police with the location of your computer the last time it was online.

Sometimes you need a helping hand. Every month our Quality Care Suite includes remote support with a live technician. When needed, we can log into your system so that we can help you learn something new or fix a problem. Whatever you need.

Windows System Requirements: Dual Core Processor, 4GB of RAM and Windows Server 2011 or higher
MAC System requirements: Dual Core Processor, 4GB of RAM and OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or higher

100% US-Based Tech Support

We are here to make your life easier by having a live technician perform weekly maintenance on your system. This ensures your system will stay up to date with Windows security updates. Your personal technician will perform expert level routine maintenance and system hardware checks in order to ensure optimal system performance. Your technician can then make recommendations on appropriate upgrades catered to your system and computing needs.

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Quality Computer Systems Protecting Your Digital Life Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at Quality Computers. We have onboard staff with security clearance and we will never encroach upon your personal data.

Technician Monitored Worry-Free Anti Virus & More!